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Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.  --Albert Einstein

You may want to sit back, relax and take in that infinite wisdom for a few minutes.  If you are like most people you have always wanted a flat stomach or ripped 6pack abs.  The problem is 6pack abs are not easy to obtain for most people.


Don't Make the #1 Mistake People Make Trying to Get 6pack Abs or a Flat Stomach!

As a personal trainer I have noticed many people try in the wrong ways to get their 6pack abs.  Like Einstein said, doing the same thing over and over again with the same results may lead to insanity.

I see people at the gym spending hours and hours trying to get a flat stomach or 6pack abs by sitting on the floor or a machine doing crunches.  What they are doing is wasting their precious time which should be used doing some of the tips below.


Important Tips for Achieving Fabulous Abdominals

  1. Eat an 6pack Abdominals Friendly Diet
    • Your 6pack abdominals are underneath a layer of fat.  Your diet is the most important thing to control in order for your exercise to show results.
    • You should eat a low calorie, low fat diet focusing on nutrient dense foods.
    • You need to eat small meals often to increase your metabolism & lessen the likelihood that you will overeat.
  2. Perform High Intensity Cardio
    • Another way to burn calories rapidly and accelerate your metabolism.
    • Performing about 30 minutes of interval activity (sprint, rest, sprint, rest) gives your body a good workout without overworking you and breaking down the muscle which keeps your metabolism high.
    • Best cardio exercises are usually working against gravity.
    • They also force you to keep your core tight and work your abdominals and obloquies.
  3. Start a Resistance (weight) Training Program
    • Resistance training should be the base of your training program.
    • Intense weight training provides a tremendous increase in metabolism which means calorie burning 24 hours a day!
    • A full body program is necessary for this to happen, this means that doing squats can actually be the difference in getting ripped 6pack abdominals and everybody will wonder how you got your great looking abs.  Just tell them, I did squats!
  4. Start Abdominal and Core Exercises
    • There is a difference between abdominal and core exercises.
    • Abdominal exercise involve flexion at the hip (crunching motion) and core exercises involve stabilization of around 22 muscles!
    • Make sure you learn the difference and how to isolate the abs from the core in order to get 6pack abs.
    • These exercises should be done only if you finished your cardio and weight training.
      • When you have less fat around your mid section you will have more motivation.
      • You will be able to see your abdominals which will enable you to focus on specific exercises to achieve an aesthetically pleasing 6pack or flat stomach.


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Please do not try to take the easy way out.  Dangerous weight loss supplements are not the answer.  Use this site as a no-nonsense resource to find all the answers you need to get the 6pack you want to flaunt on the beach.

Who doesn't want that flat stomach!  It is a sign of beauty, youth and health.

If you are a guy you want a rippling washboard set of 6 pack abdominals.

If you are woman you want at the very least a toned flat tummy.


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